Do you have a photo of yourself or your family that you just love...
But maybe you had a big zit that day? Or maybe it's too dark or grainy? Maybe there's a distracting detail in the background? 
I can fix that! 

1. Email me your photo/s at [email protected] Let me know what you would like me to fix.

Note: I am not a magician and there are some things I cannot fix.

2. I will edit your photo/s and send you your proof/s in a private gallery.
3. Once each photo looks how you want, you pay for your image/s through your gallery or via PayPal.
4. You receive your edited photo/s!

1 photo - $3 | 5 photos - $12 | 10 photos - $20

For larger batches of images, ask me for a quote.

Price remains the same whether you want just one of the following services or ALL of them.

Get your photo edited for FREE if it is a photo I took before and missed something.
My editing has improved over the years and I want to give you photos YOU LOVE!


Here is a list of my services:

1. Basic Edit

(includes as needed: fixing exposure, recover highlights, brighten shadows, sharpen)

2. Blemish Removal and Skin Smoother

3. White Balance and Color Cast

4. Brighten and Reduce Grain

5. Reduce brightness and recover details

6. Removal of distracting object

7. Slimming of arms/body

8. Anything and everything I would do if it was my own photo!

(Top image to the right: Brighten, reduce grain, remove blemishes, sharpen, brighten eyes, warm image)

(Bottom image: Basic edit, smooth skin, brighten eyes, sharpen, stylize)